Ballooner History 1985, when I was a little boy, I went to bicycle event in Shiga, on our family trip.
There, big guys riding mountain bikes on summer ski hills. Big brake lever, multi geared, chunky fat tire.
Big guys with these bicycle smoking through the corners with dust.
It was coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I rode the same course with my Kuwahara BMX which I was riding at then.
Pushing up the uphill, squeezing the brake as much as I could. Going down speeding up on dirt road was so much fun,
but with my BMX, narrow tires and rear brake, made me fall many times.
My brother could ride them for his height.
I wanted to ride the bike big guys riding.
My house was in the mountain. From the next day, me and my brother started to ride the mountain path goes to near waterfall,
with BMX. Many times I rode into brother riding in front, and fall.
Tires quickly worn out and got flat many times.
It was fun. I dreamed of a big fat tire bike I saw in 1985. I always dig into the old cool style.
Early mountain bike days are just as the feeling I had on my childhood.
To feel the real thing, I came to Marin County, California for ride. Local people there are free, in their own style, riding as it was there for a long time.
My riding buddy had a flat. We didn’t bring rising kit so we were pushing our bikes.
One local rider came up to us and gave us a new tire tube. To thank him, I was going to give him $10 I had in my pocket.
He did not take it, and instead, he gave us orange. Eating this orange in single track was marvelous.
At that moment, I made up my mind to make the bicycle has the name of it’s own roots, the BALLOONER.

カッコよかった。 当時KuwaharaのBMXに乗っていたボクは、同じコースをBMXで走ってみた。登りは押し上ぼって、ブレーキを握りながら下った。
大人達が乗る大きな自転車で下ってみたかった。 ギリギリで乗れた兄が羨ましかった。
前を走る兄に何度も突っ込んでは転けた。タイヤはすぐにちびて、何度もパンクした。 でもただただ楽しかった。
地元の人々は自由気まま、自分のスタイルで当時のように走っていた。 一緒に走っていた友達がパンクした。



Kenji Takamatsu