In 1970’s, flower people born from the Hippie movement in Carifornia were enjoiying the downhill riding in north of San Francisco Mt. Tamalpais with remodelled beach cruiser.
Those remodelled cruisers had fat tires compared to sports bikes, which was the road bike having narrow tires.
It just looked like a balloon so that this bike was sometimes called “Ballooner”. This is the ancestors of modern days mountain bike.
Ballooners does days were fragile compared to nowadays mountainbikes. Once it goes down the mountain, greases in the hub or brakes were melted down so that it needed to “REPACK” grease.
This term became the nickname of this bike downhill itself, and became the name of world’s first mountain bike downhill race, the legendary “REPACK”. 40 years has passed.
Technologies has evaluated and mountainbike has become more radical. We’ve ridden long time this fast and aggressive mountainbike aiming for highest styles.
In Carifornia, and worldwide, racing in the highest race scene on the planet. Then we realised. Realised that we want to ride mountain bike more freely.
Not with the fastest equipment, but with comfortable and easy own style.
Wearing flannel shirt whenever it’s chilly, wearing T shirt when it’s hot. Good food for hungry stomach, big gulp when thirsty.
The REPACK has now changed it’s meaning.
Not repacking grease melted. What you really think cool, likes, and believe, REPACKing them into yourself again. That’s the main idea. Dirt road goes forever.
Ride it as you like. In narrow single tracks, sneak smoothly through the woods. Melted on busy days, REPACK something what only you could have.
Seeking for style not thrill, rolling and hopping with balloon tire. BALLOONER focus on roots of forgotten mountain bike sprit. Blue sky, unknown road, good friends, free mind.
We want you to ride like that. That’s what BALLOONER deserves.


1970年代、西海岸ヒッピー文化の生んだフラワーピープルは、 サンフランシスコの北タマルパイアス山を改造したビーチクルーザーで駆け下りる。
その改造ビーチクルーザーはそれまで一般的だったスポーツバイク、 つまりロードバイクの細いタイヤと比べるとバルーン(風船)のように太かったので、
本場アメリカ・カリフォルニアで、さらに世界中で最先端のレースシーンを走り続けてきました。 そして気が付きました。
最高速のための装備ではなく、自分が一番気持ちいい、自分ならではのスタイルで。 寒くなったらネルシャツをはおり、暑くなったらTシャツ一枚に。
青い空、知らない道、気の合う友だち、そして自由な気持ち。 そんな走りを、BALLOONERに乗ったあなたに味わって欲しいのです。